Handy Docker image for creating gRPC stub codes with bufbuild

Hi, everyone. Today I’m thinking of talking to you guys about the new handly docker image that creates gRPC stub codes with bufbuild. This post could be continued from the following post.

First of all, Bufbuild is a new way of working with Protocol Buffers as they said. Basically the buf CLI is a replacement tool with protoc. and furthermore bufhas those features such as a linter that enforces good API design choices and structure and a breaking change detector that enforces compatibility at the source code or wire level.

But now we are a beginner of `buf` so let me see how the bufgenerates gRPC codes from ProtocolBuffers IDL.

Basically, the bufrequires three yaml files buf.gen.yaml, buf.work.yaml, and buf.yaml.
buf.gen.yamlshould be placed in the root directory and tells the compiler to use plugins that handle for go, python and typescript etc…
buf.work.yaml should be placed in the root as same as buf.gen.yaml and tells directories contained proto files.
buf.yaml should be placed in the directory containing the proto files and has the configure about linter or breaking change detector.
Anyway, won’t you rushly to use it? Okay. Let’s pull the docker image of buf and docker run

Wait! Before using the docker image, I have to tell you a bad news.

Buf’s image does not contain protoc, and this is on purpose — specific generation plugins you need (including protoc, which contains the plugins for java, cpp, etc) need to be handled by you. We’ll be dealing with this ourselves in the future Buf Schema Registry, but for local generation, you are responsible for your own plugin versioning and installation. I’d recommend creating your own Docker image for this.

OMG. The buf image doesn’t contain `protoc` so you can’t generate stub codes derived from protoc. As following that proposal, we have to create a new `buf` docker image with protoc.

… No way. So I did it and made it public ;)

As you can see from the repository, you should specify docker image ghcr.io/tk42/bufbuild with following parameters. petapis is a directory name contained the sample ProtocolBuffers files.

version: '3'
context: .
image: ghcr.io/tk42/bufbuild
- ".:/workspace"
working_dir: "/workspace"
command: ["generate", "petapis"]

This image supports plugins for golang, python and typescript that I like. Someday I might support more languages but can’t tell you when.

See you next time!



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